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FreeSpeakerBureau.comMandy Bass
Mandy Bass,

Finding the right motivational speaker, keynote speaker or local expert is EASY with our new, FREE, automated, speakers bureau

We connect local non-profits, professional associations and business groups with expert speakers who will deliver fresh, interesting keynote presentations at community meetings and events for free.

Our expert speakers are “go-to” professionals, coaches, trainers and savvy entrepreneurs who use public speaking to improve their visibility and personal branding. Even the most successful professional speakers build their careers on free presentations to community groups.

As the keynote speaker to their target audience, the pro presenter can showcase his/her talent and boost their following, reputation and income. If a paid engagement occurs as a result of a free talk, and it often does, it is simply a benefit of membership. There are no fees and no commissions to pay at

For a limited time, lifetime membership in our speakers bureau is completely free for both organizations and speakers. Don’t wait, sign up for membership now.

Looking for free expert speakers for your events?

How do you find a great keynote speaker fast?

You don’t want a free keynote speaker, you want a quality professional presenter – a motivational speaker or topic expert – who won’t charge YOU a fee. We understand this at Free Speaker, and that is why we offer you a searchable database of local presenters - bright, articulate professionals for you to choose from - through a sorting system that is easy and simple to use.

Free Speakers works like a speakers’ bureau but there are never any fees for local or regional associations and non-profits looking for high quality motivational speakers. And there are no barriers to contacting speaker directly or sending out a request for proposal to all the speakers in your state.

Finding the right inspirational speaker isn’t just important to your organization – it is critical. Great presentations mean great meetings. Great meetings make for happier members and generate larger attendance. Membership drives sponsorship. Everything boils down to having great programs. That is why we created Free Speakers

Now whether you need a facilitator for a breakout session, a motivational speaker, a healthcare or environmental expert, a business speaker, or keynote presenter, you can find them in minutes, with ease.

Need a female motivational speaker, an adolescent or a disabled veteran for your LOCAL event? An expert on which topic, what industry, specifically? Do you need Continuing Education credits for your group?

Get what you need with just one click!

Want to see a sample of a presentation? See how other organizations rate the speaker and what they say about their presentation. You can do that too!

Or maybe you need a keynote motivational speaker at the last minute because of a cancellation? No problem. Search the database and find the right replacement expert speaker in minutes.

As a member, you can place a "Request for Speaker" and have our expert speakers in your area, contact you.

By the way, we have a no-tolerance spam policy and guarantee you absolute confidentiality. Expert speakers can contact you through the site and you can choose whether to display your contact information – or not.

You can create a reciprocal link to your organizations’ website and improve your website ranking – or not. As a member you can add visibility to all your meetings and events by posting them on the site for all members and visitors to see – or not.

Plus, you decide what your profile says and when to make it visible to the public. You can cancel at any time or simply hide your profile from public view.

Now, the thing to do is to sign up for free lifetime membership offer because it is only available for a short time. If you act now your organization will benefit for years to come.

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Looking for an opportunity to get in front of the right audience?

You’re a professional who understands the importance (even the necessity!) of getting the word out.

You understand that personal branding and positioning as the expert to a target audience will build your business fast. That is why you speak to local clubs and organizations.

But which organizations?

And is there any way to tell -- in advance -- if that organization is likely a good match for you and your message? You have to be careful about wasting time.

You already know that giving high-quality presentations to the right audience will increase your visibility and grow your career. That’s why you do it.

Sometimes you wonder if it is worth the trouble – finding these speaking opportunities and actually getting them on the calendar can be a time-sucking black hole of frustration.

And then when you show up to present to 50 people and only 5 show, or they told you 20 minutes and right before you go on, you’re told to end it in 10. Or you’re not properly introduced, so your opening gets destroyed and you have to scramble to build credibility.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a free speakers bureau that could make all this easier and give you a place to vent if you are mistreated? Well, there is now!

We understand how frustrating things like this can be. This is why we make it easy for local organizations to find you in our searchable database. And if they post a request for a speaker in your area, or with your specific expertise, we will send you an email alert.

By the way, we have a no-tolerance spam policy and guarantee you absolute confidentiality. Organizations can contact you through the site and you can choose whether to display your contact information – or not.

You can create a reciprocal link to your website and improve your web presence – or not. Plus, you decide what your profile says and when to make it visible to the public. You can cancel at any time or simply hide your profile from public view.

Now, the thing to do is to sign up for free lifetime membership offer because it is only available for a short time.

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Search Results: (Sorted by highest ratings and ranking score)
Rated 3 Stars by 149 Organizations
Claudia Peñalba M.D.
Specialist in Physical Rehab Medicine speaks on health related topics
Rated 5 Stars by 21 Organizations
Jodi M. Clock
Helping boomers with aging parents demystify Medicaid & end-of-life care.
Rated 5 Stars by 20 Organizations
Harry Snedden
Topics on Consumer Credit and Credit Training
Rated 5 Stars by 13 Organizations
Dr.Jacinta Mariah, Ph.D, MBA
Sel-Empowerment, Faith-based Inspiration, Business Relationships /Communication
Rated 5 Stars by 11 Organizations
Michael J. Maher, MBA
Master Communicator Teaches How to Go from Relationships to Referrals
Rated 5 Stars by 10 Organizations
Misa Leonessa Garavaglia
Don’t just’s time to THRIVE!
Rated 5 Stars by 8 Organizations
Yassin Hall - Uplift You
She comes from humble beginnings, most people throw in the towel but not her!
Rated 5 Stars by 8 Organizations
Mitchell K. Smith
"Finally an answer to the questions we all face personally and professionally"
How to Leverage Your Speaking Opportunities
By Mandy Bass
Giving free presentations to local groups and associations can be the smartest, quickest shortcut to positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your specialty - or not. There is a lot more to leveraging speaking opportunities than just showing up. Use these checklists to take advantage of every speaking opportunity you get. Before you know it, you will be branded, marketed and positioned as the local leader in your field.  [Show me the checklists]
Help! "I´ve been charged with planning our group´s annual convention, what do I need to do when?"
By Mandy Bass
Whether you are an experienced meeting planner or an inexperienced volunteer trying to help out your local club or professional association plan for a big event, this handy checklist and timeline could be very useful in planning a successful meeting or event.  [Show me the checklists]
What can public speaking do for you?
By Mandy Bass
Public speaking is probably the quickest, most effective shortcut to brand and position yourself as an expert in your specialty. Personally I built my coaching practice on it and I have helped dozens of professionals quadruple their net income by using public speaking as a marketing strategy.  [READ MORE]
How to Write a Compelling "Speaker´s Bio" Easily and (almost) Effortlessly!
By Mandy Bass
Remember that your "Speaker´s Bio" may be the ONLY information people will use to decide whether they want to hear what you have to say - or not. Most presenters make the deadly mistake of thinking that their Speaker´s Bio is a  [READ MORE]
How to Build a Successful Organization Meeting Planner Check List:
By Mandy Bass
(for large or stand alone events) [READ MORE]
How To Write A Great Talk in 12 easy steps
By Mandy Bass
The easiest and most effortless way I know to develop a great presentation is outlined in these simple twelve steps. By following the step-by-step sequence (without jumping ahead) you will naturally create a successful presentation quickly and easily.  [READ MORE]

... "As President of the Financial Planning Association of Broward, I can not wait to tell our members about this site. It will be an excellent way for our CFP® experts to reach out and maximize their potential as presenters. Thank you for providing this fabulous service.
Howard Kramer, CFP®, CLU, ChFC.

Featured Speaker:

Featured Speaker
The Next Generation of Motivation!
Todd Newton: A face you recognize with a message you will never forget.

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Be a HERO to your club or organization!

Bring in great free speakers!
Easier membership drives, greater dues collection, word-of-mouth buzz - these happen when you regularly bring in high quality presentations that your members will love.

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"Learn the secret to growing your business like crazy with results in days instead of months."

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You´ve totally simplified the process of finding quality presenters on the specific topics we need for our upcoming meetings, special events and teleseminars. What a great idea!"
Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
Partner, WomenHelpingWomen


"In the past, I´sd spend a lot time prospecting for potential speaking engagements and sending off bio and presentation information. will cut that time investment way down and present me with opportunities I would never find without them."
Neil Tortorella
Tortorella Design & Marketing Consulting


" gives us an opportunity to better evaluate and qualify hundreds of local candidates who are willing to speak to our members without a fee. [You] make it much quicker and easier to find great presenters with fresh, interesting and timely topics that build attendance and ultimately membership."
Odalis M. Lopez,CFP®
Health Insurance Expert,
Sterling Benefits Group
Past President of Women in Insurance and Financial Services,
South Florida Chapter


" offers me a win-win proposition: I get to offer unlimited valuable content in a large group format while you put me front and center of potential niche markets."
Marian Morgan,
Professional Life & Business Coach, and owner of "That Great Idea", Miami


"What a great idea to put quality opportunities together with engaging and informative program presenters"
Joan Roberts-Gould, CLTC
All Vest Associates, Inc.
"Go To" Professionals for Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions
President, National Assoc of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Broward
V.P. NE Focal Point C.A.S.A Board: Senior, Adults, Alzheimer's Day Care & Community Center.